HMS operates on order basis; it has no own product, it works as per customer requirements. There is no limit in quantity and in material to be machined. Any art of material is machined in any quantity. The components we produce are used at almost all the fields of industry from Aerospace to Agricultural Machinery

  • Alloy Steels (42CrMo4,16MnCr5,100Cr6,etc.)
  • Carbon Steels (C45,St37,St52,etc.)
  • Titanium Alloys (Ti6Al4V,etc.)
  • Aluminum Alloys ( 2024,5083,6082,7075,etc.)
  • Stainless and Exotic Steels (300,400 series, 17-4 PH,
    PH 13-8 Mo,Alloy C276, Monel 400, Duplex,etc.)
  • Brass and Bronze (CuZn37, CuSn6, CuAl10Ni6Fe5,etc.)
  • Plastics (PEEK, POM-Delrin , PE , PA, PTFE,etc.)
  • Forgings (Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Titanium,etc.)
  • Castings (Cast iron (GG-25), Nodular Cast iron (GGG-40), Steel, Aluminum,etc.)